What Would MacGyver Do? 6 Ways to Save the Day with Toothpaste

If you like to get your money’s worth by squeezing every ounce from a tube of toothpaste, you’ll be happy to know it has many other uses around the house besides cleaning your teeth.

Rolling up the Colgate tube to squeeze out every last dollop before you buy another one is a simple, smart way to save money, but did you know that toothpaste also makes a good adhesive, deodorizer, and cleaner (for other things besides your teeth)?

We’ve collected some MacGyver-inspired ideas from the Internet.

What MacGyver did:
Used plastic explosives disguised as toothpaste to create a diversion, allowing him to disarm his captor.

What you can do:

  • Patch small holes in your walls. Use a putty knife or butter knife to smooth the toothpaste into the hole. Then sand the toothpaste to smooth the surface.
  • Erase crayon marks from walls. Grab some non-gel toothpaste and a scrub brush, then just wipe until the marks are gone.
  • Shine chrome. Smear non-gel toothpaste on the chrome surface, and use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it down. The fine abrasive in the paste polishes the chrome to a spotless shine.
  • Deodorize a baby bottle. Apply toothpaste to your bottle brush to scrub out the stale milk smell. Then rinse it away.