Woman cleaning kitchen counter with eco-friendly solution

Green Clean Countertops and Keep Food Prep Safe from Chemicals

Whip up a batch of homemade vinegar solution to cheaply and effectively green clean your kitchen countertops without harsh chemicals.

Make your own non-toxic kitchen countertop cleaner by combining equal parts vinegar and tap water in a spray bottle. Image: Veer

From meat juices to milk spills, kitchen countertops can be messy places. But you don’t need to reach for caustic cleaners to get your kitchen countertops sparkling clean. You can make your own green cleaners using items in your pantry for a fraction of the price.

Kill germs with vinegar

Household vinegar contains acetic acid, a powerful antimicrobial that kills salmonella and E. coli bacteria. Readily available and cheap to boot, vinegar solutions in the proper proportions are a safe and effective alternative to harsh commercial cleaners.

Whip up your own non-toxic cleaner

To make your own non-toxic kitchen countertop cleaner, combine equal parts vinegar and tap water. To boost its cleaning power, warm it in a glass bowl in the microwave. A 64-ounce bottle of food-grade vinegar costs about $4, so a 32-ounce batch of homemade kitchen countertop cleaner will only set you back a buck.

In contrast, a 32-ounce bottle of commercial green cleaner like Seventh Generation costs about $5, while the same size conventional cleaner costs about $4.50.

Avoid these products

Some commercial anti-microbial wipes and sprays contain sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or ammonium chlorides, chemicals the EPA lists as hazardous to our (and our pets’) health. When mixed with other cleaning products, some of those chemicals can even release toxic gases.