If the White House Were for Sale, How Much Would it Cost?

How much would it cost to buy the White House in Washington Do you know how much the White House is worth? You might be surprised at the number. Image: Zach Rudisin Photography/Wikipedia

Here’s a fun look at possible price tags for presidential properties.

Yowza! A recent appraisal of The White House — as a prime property, not the seat of world power — set its price at $1.5 billion (with a B).

The Wall Street Journal turned to D.C. appraiser Dennis Duffy to put a price tag on three current and former presidential properties: The White House; Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home; and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home. Duffy considered the cost to rebuild, value of outbuildings, infrastructure, and land that could be sold.

Duffy’s appraisal results:

White House: 100,000 sq. ft., 13 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, and 18 acres of prime downtown real estate — $1.5 billion

Mount Vernon: 7,000 sq. ft. in suburban D.C., river view of the Potomac (though no bathrooms) — $150 million

Monticello: 11,000 sq. ft., four stories, 43 rooms, exquisite artisanship — $106.5 million

Overpriced or underpriced?