‘Up’ House Replica Can Be Yours

The real-life Up! house next to the movie home Bangerter Homes built a replica of the flying house featured in the 2009 Disney-Pixar movie "Up," which is now for sale in Herriman, Utah. Image: Bangerter Homes/UP/Carl Fredricksen/Disney/Pixar

It doesn’t come with a grumpy old man, an overzealous 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer, or a squirrel-obsessed talking dog, but you can feel like a character in Disney-Pixar’s 2009 hit “Up” if you spring for a replica of the balloon-born house featured in the movie.

HouseLogic has covered stories of real-life “Up” houses in which feisty home owners, like Carl Fredricksen in the movie, refused to give up their homes when developers came knocking. Hopefully, no one will want to tear down this carbon copy of Fredricksen’s cartoon home at 13222 S. Herriman Rose Blvd. in Herriman, Utah.

After he drew up the plans, Blair Bangerter — co-owner of Bangerter Homes, son of a former Utah governor, and hard-core “Up” fan — got Disney’s permission to build the house, which mimics Fredricksen’s home down to the gabled roof, the hand-stenciled name on the mailbox, and even the furniture and knickknacks inside. It’s listed at $400,000, well above the area’s average home price of $300,000. But Bangerter reports, “People say, ‘I can picture myself living here.’”

So just how close to the cartoon house is Bangerter’s replica?

“One day a mother was trying to take a picture of her little boy and he was petrified the house was going to take off,” Bangerter says. “When it’s that real to a child, we think we replicated it pretty well.”

There have been few serious lookers so far, and plenty of people who just wanted a peek inside the home that flew away while tethered to thousands of balloons. Bangerter Homes offers free tours of the home every day except Sundays from noon to 8 p.m. for the next month or two. About 27,000 people have already toured the house, he says.

“It’s an iconic house and we’re confident someone’s going to pay at least what it cost us to build it,” Bangerter said.

Would you buy this “Up” house?

Liz Foreman contributed to this post.