5 Big Reasons Jeremy Lin Should Buy Small

Jeremy Lin on the court With "Linsanity" sweeping the nation, we have some advice about what Jeremy Lin should look for in a home. Image: Nicholas La Photography/Flickr

Like everyone else, we’ve been fantasizing about basketball star Jeremy Lin — not about leading the Knicks to glory, about when he’ll buy a home.

When basketball phenom Jeremy Lin recently rented a 1,182-sq. ft. Manhattan apartment, we thought, “How predictable. Big star. Big apartment. Ho hum.”

But when the NBA star finally gets around to buying a place (and we hope it’s sooner than later), we hope he’ll think out of the hoop and hop on the tiny houses bandwagon.

Tiny doesn’t mean doing without; it means doing the most with what you’ve got, embracing what you love and ditching the rest, finding function in all forms. Beth’s Teeny Tiny Peek-a-boo, a 365 sq. ft. house in California, is a good example how small can feel ample.

We hate the idea of Lin roaming around a big apartment all by himself, and think the big guy and a small space would be a good match. Here’s why.

  • Lin’s single, so he won’t have to trip over other feet or think about family storage issues.
  • Tiny spaces require less upkeep, a good thing for a bachelor always on the road.
  • If Lin is traded next year, small is easier to unload than big.
  • Even the tiniest home is bigger than the couch Lin was sleeping on in his brother’s apartment.
  • Since Lin, 6 ft. 3, is smaller than the average NBA player, 6 ft. 7, he should feel at home in a smaller-than-average space.

Have you ever wanted to live in a tiny space? Think Lin would give it a try?