Modular tricycle house in China

House So Small You Can Take It on Your Bike

Residences in China are small, but this home takes the tiny cake.

This home is so small, it can fold up and fit on the back of a tricycle. All images in this post: People's Architecture Office/People’s Industrial Design Office

China has taken the concept of the mobile home to a whole new level.

Beijing’s People’s Architecture Office and People’s Industrial Design Office have designed and built a mobile home so small that it can be folded up, accordion-style, and carted around on the back of a tricycle.

The fact that housing has become unbelievably expensive in China is not new news by any stretch of the imagination, and residents of Beijing have been living in much smaller spaces for years now. But due to severe overcrowding and the need for sustainable residences, it seems the tricycle house could be an innovative — though not necessarily comfortable — solution.

Tricycle home modular parts

Somehow, they still manage to make everything fit.

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