Apps at the Ready for Hurricane Irene

Need help preparing for Hurricane Irene and potentially cleaning up after her? There’s an app for that. 

The American Red Cross has six top disaster preparation app picks, including apps for weather updates, an emergency distress beacon, and emergency radio. MSNBC tech blogger Dan Hope recommends first aid apps. Meanwhile, Hurricane Tracker was #19 today on Apple’s App Chart.

To make your mobile device storm-ready, try these tips from financial services and insurance provider USAA:

  • Create a texting phone tree. Create a network of contacts so you can reach them quickly after any sort of extreme weather. Texting may be the only available form of communication.
  • Use mobile banking apps. Mobile banking apps to move money, pay bills, and deposit checks can save a lot of headaches in the storm’s aftermath.
  • Take advantage of insurance apps. Some insurance companies let you use your smartphone to file claims and start the recovery process.
  • Have a car phone charger and spare battery. If power is out for an extended period, your car can be a valuable source of energy.

Are you downloading any emergency preparedness apps? Which ones?