How Does Your Garden Grow This Freaky Winter?

Winter garden Your garden may already be in bloom, thanks to the unusually mild winter we're having. Image: Bob Cotter/Flickr

Are you getting a little more winter color in your garden than you expected? What’s growing in your yard that shouldn’t be?

It’s not even February, and the birds are singing and the tulips are rising. What’s up with that?

Spring temperatures in winter mean your landscaping thinks it’s April instead of what should be the dead of winter. This means we need to dig out some of our garden gear a little earlier than we expected. We need to take care of plants according to the temperature outside, not our iCalendars.

That means watering gardens and foundation plants that are drying out in this spooky warmth. Also, mulch to avoid dehydration (of plants, not you) and pull weeds to protect your home’s curb appeal, and save yourself some grief when the real spring arrives.

Does your landscaping have spring fever? What’s growing that shouldn’t be growing in your yard?