From Spotlight: Take the Ugh Out of August With Lawn and AC Tips

Save By Stocking Up on Yard Supplies in August

Buy now to save on the outdoor wares you’ll need next spring.

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Want to keep your home looking good while spending less? 

Four savvy things to do in August:

#1 Take Advantage of End-of-Season Sales

When back-to-school season strikes, retailers are ready to move on from summer, and they offer deep discounts to clear out outdoor wares, such as rakes, shovels, fertilizer, and other yard supplies. Save by stocking up for next spring now.

#2 Check for Soil-Borne Fungus

Heavy summer rains encourage the growth of soil-borne fungus in your grass. If you live where summer storms are common, check now for little yellow rings (especially in low-lying and wet areas), and apply a fungicide if needed. Replacing your lawn isn't cheap (up to $2 a square foot to re-sod), and an ugly lawn means saying goodbye to curb appeal.

#3 Prepare Lawn for Fall Seeding

If you plan to seed your lawn this fall, get ready by filling in any low spots, removing weeds, and ordering the specific grass seed you need. That'll commit you to reseed, which you'll thank yourself for this time next year. Besides killing your curb appeal, those low, bare spots in your lawn tend to create puddles — perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

#4 Install a Patio

If your August is hot and the summer rains have slowed, it's prime time to install a patio, a terrific value-adding feature. These conditions make it easier to keep pavers level and speed up the drying time for concrete.

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