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4 Lawn Care Tips You Need to Pay Attention to in Spring

Your yard has a lot of impact on your home’s value. These tips will help you not mess it up — and save some cash.

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How much you enjoy your home and your home's value depend on curb appeal. And your yard is a major factor in curb appeal. You can amp up both your enjoyment and value by following these lawn care tips.

#1 Check the Sprinklers

You don't want to find out during a summer drought that your old-fashioned oscillator or in-ground irrigation system is barely sputtering. Do a dress rehearsal now to make sure the hoses, settings, timers, and other components are working well.

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#2 Plant Cold-Sensitive Annuals

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Once your last average frost date has passed and the soil temp is 60 degrees to 70 degrees, you have the all-clear to get cold-sensitive seeds like marigolds, sunflowers, and zinnias in the ground.

#3 Aerate the Lawn

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Try sticking a screwdriver or pencil into your lawn: If you have to break a sweat to break the soil, it's time to aerate your lawn. By creating tiny holes, you'll give water and fertilizer a more direct route to the roots and, in turn, give them more room to grow.

#4 Buy a Lawn Mower

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Stores will kick off the mowing season with big sales in April. And, if you can stomach the thought, buy a snow blower, too. Retailers will be saying buh-bye to winter with deep discounts on any still in stock.

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