A ‘How to Kill Weeds’ Tip That’ll Stop You From Wasting Money

Plus lawn care tips for super lush greenness.

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This May, do more for your landscaping and curb appeal. 

Follow these three lawn care tips:

#1 Don't Use Weed Killers on a Rainy Day

Is the weather forecast calling for rain or wind? Don't waste your weed killer. Instead, wait for a still, sunny day so the product won't blow into the wrong areas (killing plants you want to keep) or get washed into storm sewers that feed water supplies.

#2 Stop Cutting Your Grass Too Short

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It seems like cutting the grass shorter would equal cutting it less frequently. You may mow less, but only because your ugly, brown lawn isn't growing at all. Grass that's too short starves the roots, killing the poor plant. So set your blades for three inches. You'll save yourself a heck of a reseeding bill.

#3 Don't Bag Lawn Cuttings

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If you're spending hours raking up lawn cuttings after mowing, you can stop without an iota of guilt. Grass cuttings are natural compost; as they break down, they enrich the soil, making your grass greener. Less time with the rake, more time on the patio. It's a win-win.

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