Couple Accidentally Grows Huge Pot Plant in Their Yard

When a British elderly couple accidentally grew a prize-worthy pot plant, the world thought it was a cute old people story. We thought: What’s their gardening secret?

Here’s a gardening tip: Don’t buy unfamiliar plants at flea markets. Or you could wind up growing marijuana in your backyard, like an elderly British couple who were shocked when local police told them their lovingly tended shrub was, in fact, cannabis.

The couple bought the plant at a “car boot sale,” which is what the Brits call flea markets. The cannabis would be growing still if the Bedford police hadn’t ripped it out, disposed of it, and thought the affair was pretty funny.

They tweeted a picture of the giant shrub with the caption: “Seized today. Elderly couple bought shrub at car boot sale, tended carefully — biggest cannabis plant we had seen!”

No charges were filed, and the police took down the tweet at the couple’s request.

Now, many think this is a cute old folks story. But to us, it’s a gardening matter.

Brits are famous for their cottage gardens. And we’re curious what this couple did to help the plant grow so large (it looks to be at least 5 feet tall) and beautiful. What munchies did they feed it? Compost, fertilizer, manure, all three? Did they prune it regularly (and what did they do with the dead branches?)

Or did the shrub just want to get high?