DIY Backyard Paver Giveaway Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our sweepstakes winners!

Zane Muntz, Deanna Parker, Ann Rishell, and Nicole Totzkay each won a $100 gift card in HouseLogic’s recent giveaway. These folks, plus many of you, were entered into a drawing for commenting on our four-part DIY backyard pavers series. Thanks for all your insightful tips and questions.

Special thanks to Bruno Bornsztein and family for chronicling their backyard walkway and patio paver project on HouseLogic’s blog over four weeks. If you haven’t already seen the series and Bruno’s videos, they’re worth a look. His fun and thorough step-by-step covers everything from measuring and shopping all the way through the hard work of cutting and installing pavers.

Bruno has some interesting insights about that hard work and whether he’d do it again. Would you do this project yourself? Let us know.  

And come back to the HouseLogic blog and site often to check out new content, like our slideshows; leave comments; and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming giveaways.