White kitchen cabinets

Dreaming of a White Kitchen? Start Drooling Now

The opposite of blah, white kitchens bring timeless bliss.

Image: Patricia Alix

If you want a brag-worthy and marketable kitchen, go with white. It doesn’t go out of style, it makes your kitchen feel larger, and there are sooo many options for white countertops and cabinets at various price points.

White let’s you make your mark, too: You can personalize it with pops of color (a dish towel, a counterop appliance, a painted island) that you can easily change when you’ve had enough of goblin blue or grape kiss (yes, those are real paint color names).

Here are some of your white kitchen style options:

Quartz Countertops

White Quartz Countertop | White Kitchen PicturesImage: Beth Bates

The first thing you’re probably thinking is, “Yeah, HouseLogic, white is great until it gets dirty.” Fair enough. Then, how about a quartz countertop? It’s practically impervious to stains and tough as natural stone. Gel-type cleansers easily erase coffee rings and tomato splatters. Best, a quartz countertop can be about 10% to 20% cheaper than marble or granite, installed.

Carrara Marble Countertops

White Carrara Marble Countertops | White Kitchen PicturesImage: MGS by Design

If you want the classic countertop and are willing to splurge, Carrara marble’s pure white color and delicate gray veining is for you — at about $80 per square foot, installed. Maintenance wise, you’ll want to keep acidic foods such as lemon juice and tomatoes away from it, and twice a year protect it with a stone sealer made specifically for marble.

Laminate Countertops

White Formica Laminate Counter | White Kitchen PicturesImage: Formica Corporation

Love the idea of white marble countertops but not its price? Low-cost laminates give you the look of marble at a fraction of the cost. Today’s laminate is better than ever at hiding telltale seams and at mimicking the patterns of real stone. Plus, laminate is tough, stain-resistant, and will last for years. Top-quality laminates cost $25 to $30 per square foot, installed.

Concrete Countertops

White Concrete Kitchen Counter | White Kitchen PicturesImage: Kitchen by DivineKitchens LLC

Because concrete is poured into a mold, the sky’s the limit on all the things you can do to customize it — like mixing in neutral pigments and river stones. It’s pricey, though. Creating the pure-white countertop shown here requires fabricator mastery — and lots of sanding. Concrete countertops are $65 to $135 per square foot, installed.

White Painted Cabinets

If you want some pure white cabinetry but aren’t ready to tear out the old ones, try painting them. With the right technique, you can paint over wood, laminate, even metal cabinets. Good prep is key — make sure to remove all traces of oil and grease first. Remove the drawer fronts and cabinet doors and paint them where you can lay them flat. Or have a pro do the whole job for $3 to $6 per square foot.


White Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been the top choice for years, but white versions are finding their footing. They blend seamlessly with white cabinets so your cool kitchen details, like stone counters and backsplashes, stand out. You’ll find white appliances at all price points.

Laminate Flooring

White Laminate Kitchen Floor | White Kitchen PicturesImage: Melanie Richards

Go all in on white by installing not just white cabinets and countertops, but white flooring, too. It’s a super-clean look that’ll throw light everywhere. Tough laminate planks ($3 per square foot) click together and make a good DIY project.

White Plus . . .

Blue Kitchen Island | White Kitchen PictureImage: Kitchen cabinets by Plain & Fancy

An all-white kitchen doesn’t have to be completely monochromatic. In this kitchen, the turquoise island acts as a bold, happy focal point. Color pops aren’t the only way to add interest, though. Here, moldings and trim create texture throughout the white cabinetry.

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