Online Chatter Gives Clues to What We Want Most in Our Kitchens

Analysts study chat rooms, forums, and message boards to find out what we want in our kitchens when we’re remodeling. Hint: it’s not a bigger kitchen.

When we chitchat online about our dream kitchens, we most often comment about new — or new-looking — cabinets and kitchen islands.

That’s what the online analysts at the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) concluded after combing through 1,400 posts from online forums and message boards.

A handy graph in a K+BB article about the study shows that we most comment about cabinets and islands, countertops, cooktops, stoves, ovens, and kitchen layouts. We’re not all that chatty about ventilation, backsplashes, and dishwashers.

And here’s a surprise result: Only 17% of commenters want a bigger kitchen; rather, they want one with more storage and a better layout.

Tell us what your dream kitchen includes. If you had to pick one upgrade, what would it be?