Would You Convert Your Toilet to Dual-Flush for $20?

Dual-flush converter installed on a toilet This converter, which turns any toilet into a water-saving dual-flush, costs around $20. Image: Jeff Gedgaud

Cheapie kits claim to turn your toilet into a water-saving dual-flush commode. How do they fare?

Dual-flush toilets — those two-button commodes that let you choose a flush volume suitable for liquids or solids — are a great way to save water. They’ll save up to 20 gallons a day by some estimates compared with traditional toilets. But they sell for upwards of $300.

We’re curious about the $20 to $30 retrofit DIY option available at home improvement stores or online: the dual-flush converter, which can be installed on most household toilets.

The gizmo replaces your side lever with a two-button fixture. And the converter kits include the parts you need to turn your ordinary commode into a high-efficiency toilet.
Installation takes around 20 minutes.

Would you install a dual-flush converter? If you’ve installed one, how’s it doing its job?