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Q&A Series on Facebook: How to Buy a Home Step-By-Step

Your questions answered: four Q&As on Facebook with real estate experts.

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You: want to buy a house. 

We: want to help you. 

That's why, in March and April 2018, we hosted four Q&As on Facebook featuring real-live, honest-to-goodness real estate experts who answered readers' home buying questions! Want to buy your first home? Not sure where to start? Don’t know how to find a good agent, evaluate houses, or make an offer? Browse through our conversations on Facebook for all the answers. 

Facebook Q&A

  • Q&A #1: How to Buy Your First Home 

Getting started on buying your first home? You can read our full discussion on Facebook

  • Q&A #2: How to Work With Agents and Lenders

The right experts can help you find exactly what you want. Learn how on Facebook.

  • Q&A #3: How Online Tools Fit in Your Home Search

Online resources are a great way to supplement your home buying research. Get the insights from our conversation on Facebook.

  • Q&A #4: How to Make a Successful Offer

Offers require art and science. See the Q&A on Facebook to understand what's involved.


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