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    Home Maintenance Tips

    4 Things Smart Homeowners Always Know to Do in May

    Like buying a fridge or mattress when the savings are the biggest.

  • A woman sitting on the floor in front of a cluttered closet.
    Cleaning & Decluttering

    How Clutter Creates Stress and Anxiety: Strategies for Decluttering

    Find out what the experts and research say about the clutter-health connection, including some possible clutter cures.

Fresh Ideas for a Brand New Yard

Reinvigorate your yard with these tips.

Upgrade Your Home with Confidence

Get prepared to buy what you need for your home.

Spring Cleaning Secrets: Tips for a Fresh Start

Ready to up your cleaning game? Here’s how to get it done:

First Time Buyer – Now Streaming

The fourth season of First Time Buyer is now streaming! Read some pieces that dive deeper on some of the concepts explored in the show.

First Time Buyer Season 4 streaming now.

Streaming Now: First Time Buyer Season 4

Landing your first home in today’s real estate market is intimidating if you don’t have a winning strategy. Watch as determined buyers navigate the complicated journey to homeownership by following the lead of an agent who’s a REALTOR® on First-Time Buyer.

The Feels-So-Good Guide to Getting Organized

You’ll get out the door faster, and find extra space in your drawers.

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Inspiration + Expert Tips for Savvy Homeowners

From money-wise ideas for home improvement projects to insider secrets about home ownership, buying, and selling, HouseLogic’s got you covered.


Expert info on buying, selling, and home value.

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Planning, designing, and contracting advice from the pros.

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Savvy insights to save on home expenses.


Tricks and tips to be a better DIY-er.