A Three-Wheeled Toilet Bike Powered by Poop

Funny biogas powered motorcycle Don't worry: Despite what you might think, this motorcycle runs on livestock waste, not human waste. Image: TOTO

TOTO unveils a poo-powered motorcycle that runs on biogas.

The Toilet Bike Neo puts poop to positive use. But you won’t be able to buy this cowpie-fueled motorcycle anytime soon.
TOTO, a company known for cutting-edge bathroom technologies, got our motors running this week when they unveiled their “Toilet Bike Neo”. 

No, this Japanese company is not going into the motorcycle business. The throne-topped ride was created to drive awareness around TOTO’s environmental efforts.
We know what you’re thinking, so this might be a relief. Human waste does not power this green machine; the commode is just a prop. This baby runs on biogas, a special fuel created from animal crap. The bike can ride up to 180 miles on one full tank.
Last November, the “Toilet Bike Neo” raised a big stink for the “TOTO Green Challenge” by driving 876 miles across Japan. The campaign was created to drive awareness around the brand’s eco-friendly products in addition to TOTO’s goal of cutting their carbon emissions in half by 2017. 
To get a glimpse of the poo-cycle in action, check out the video above.