Every Home’s Got One. Here’s How to Hide That Ugly Eyesore

Beautiful wood and metal fence hides cinder block fenceImage: Jalena Rusaw-Slape

These four DIY projects cleverly disguise eyesores, such as outdoor AC units.

A hard-to-hide household eyesore can sink your home’s appeal.

These ideas will disguise what’s ugly without breaking the bank.

1. How to Hide an AC Unit

Kim, the hardworking mom who pens “The Kim Six Fix,” was tired of her AC unit being a blot on her patio. So she concealed it with a louvered DIY screen. 

Why makes her idea so special?

Other potential solutions would block her unit’s airflow. The slats on this cover-up direct air toward the unit while keeping it out of sight.

To find out how to build your own, see her tutorial.

Project cost: Kim didn’t specify, but we estimate materials to cost around $125.

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2. How to Conceal a Crater in Your Ceiling

Catherine and Bryan, the DIY duo behind the blog “Beginning in the Middle,” added more functionality to their 1920s home when they updated its wiring. Unfortunately, the electricians left a gaping hole in their ceiling.

The couple wasn’t sure how to repair the hole. Plus, duplicating the ceiling’s one-of-a-kind painted texture would be nearly impossible.

So they scoured the Internet for possible solutions, and they came up with a really good-looking and affordable fix — foam ceiling tiles.  The tiles were not only a cinch to install, but they also added architectural interest to their home.  

For the full DIY skinny, check out their tutorial.

Project cost: $400

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3. How to Camouflage a Cement Fence

West Sacramento, Calif., DIYer Jalena Rusaw-Slape wasn’t a fan of the cinder block fence that separates her backyard from the main road. So she disguised it using sheet metal and wood fencing. Her beautifying project took two days and plenty of elbow grease. 

For additional DIY details, check out her tutorial.

Project cost: $150

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4. How to Hide Unsightly Walls and Pipes

Becky, the neat-and-tidy maven from the blog “Organizing Made Fun,” wanted to make her basement laundry room — and laundry day — more pleasant. She concealed the ugly mess of pipes that ran along the dingy concrete wall by her washer and utility sink with a brightly stenciled pegboard that also provides storage. She says her practical idea took the drudgery out of laundry chores. 

You can get the full tutorial here.

Project cost: $50

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