How to Make Your House Numbers Stand Out

The homemade house numbers at Girl Loves Glam's house McKenzie made this unique numbers plaque out of a wooden plant caddy for just $31. All images in this post:

Here’s a terrific project that’ll help your home make a great first impression.

House numbers are little things that pack a big curb appeal punch. They make your house easy to find, and add a little snap of color and style.

McKenzie, blogger at Girl Loves Glam, realized her house numbers could use an upgrade.

“Have you ever been searching for a house and can’t find it because the people don’t have their freaking house number anywhere to be found?” she says. “It is a pet peeve of mine, and I realized that I WAS one of those people!”

Giving House Numbers Some Pizzazz

So she built a numbers plaque out of a wooden plant caddy — using nail-on numbers and some spray paint — all for about $31. There’s a complete tutorial on her website. She fashioned the plaque after one she found in a magazine, but put her own spin on it that saved $37.

Easy-Peasy to Build

  • Remove wheels from a wooden plant caddy. They’re sold at most hardware stores for about $14; but I’ve found them at yard sales for $5.
  • If you want a rectangle plaque, saw off the bottom row of a square caddy.
  • Prime, paint, and seal the caddy using exterior paint.
  • Nail numbers to the plaque. You can find some in nickel for $5 each; aluminum, $1.50.
  • Screw the plaque to your house.

Here’s the finished product. I love the white-on-black motif.

Numbers plaque closeup

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