Yes, You Can Recycle Those Campaign Lawn Signs

Political yard signs can be recycledSeparate the metal stakes from the plastic signs before recycling. Image: Zane Selvans/Flickr

Don’t throw your campaign lawn signs in the trash when the election is over. Most political lawn signs are recyclable.

You’ve seen them sprouting like weeds across lawns, or maybe you’ve sported one or two in your yard: those political signs that don’t do much for curb appeal, but are a benefit to our political process. After the election, don’t throw away those eyesores. They are made of corrugated polypropylene plastic and metal, which are recyclable. Separate the metal stakes from the plastic signs, and either add them to your recycle bin or drop them off at your town’s recycling center.

And it’s an opportunity to be a good neighbor. If you see some old signs still dotting the landscape, offer to recycle them, too.

Do you regularly put up political lawn signs? What do you do with them once the election is over?