Skip These Minor Maintenance Chores Now and You’ll Spend More Later

The Scream distressed over forgetting maintenance chores Keep on top of your home maintenance tasks and you'll avoid scream-worthy bills in the future. Image: HouseLogic/Wikipedia

These often-overlooked home maintenance chores will cost you in the long run if you neglect them.

This time of year brings out the home maintenance scolds urging us to perform those annual chores that keep our houses safe and sound. It’s always the same — change your furnace filters, drain outdoor faucets, clean gutters. But we’ve found a fresh voice who adds a few surprises to his home maintenance list.

Lou Manfredini, host of House Smarts TV, has added some easy-to-forget chores to his home maintenance list that’ll cost you if you ignore them:

  • Drain water heaters to remove sediment (This video shows you how.)
  • Re-seal foggy windows
  • Replace curled roof shingles
  • Re-grout cracked kitchen and bath tiles

Have you neglected a maintenance chore that bit you later?