On the 12th Day of Christmas … A Helping Hand

Twelfth day of Christmas card A handwritten note promising your time and effort to help someone out could make someone's holiday special. Image: Printable Christmas card from e.m.papers/HouseLogic

This Christmas, make more joyful noise than twelve drummers drumming when you lend a helping hand to someone you care about.

Want a terrific idea for a last-minute Christmas gift? Here’s a no-fail present that’ll give you a reputation as the ultimate Santa.

Take a Christmas card, and include a hand-written message from you that pledges a few hours of your time and energy to help out with maintenance and repair tasks. Give that card to someone you know who could put your generosity to good use — a neighbor, family member, or friend.

Not sure where to start? Ask your special someone what their most-pressing fix-up needs might be. Or, try all the terrific ideas we’ve gathered for our 12 Days of Christmas Giving blogs.

By helping out, you’ll be giving the true spirit of the season — your willingness to lend a needed helping hand.

Got an idea for helping out a neighbor or family member with home improvement and maintenance chores?