Does a Gender Cleaning Gap Still Exist? Do We Care?

Swiffer is kicking up some dust with its new Facebook advertising campaign, “Man Up, Clean Up,” which continues the housework battle of the sexes.

We laughed out loud at the tongue-in-cheek videos that Swiffer made for its “Man Up, Clean Up” campaign, which keeps the battle of the sexes alive long enough to sell more dusters.

The Facebook videos feature a cranky guy teaching malekind how to dust blinds, clean floors, and collect cat hair. It capitalizes on a 2011 study that showed the percentage of U.S. men who say they do most of the household cleaning has risen from 17% in 2006 to 31% in 2011.

The study, videos, and conversations around the water cooler make us wonder if the narrowing cleaning gap between men and women is really a non-issue among young couples today, or if any gap (especially during spring cleaning season) is reason for women to throw down their rubber gloves and demand cleaning parity.

Ehhh, who cares?

The videos are a hoot. Take a look at this one that teaches guys how to arrange throw pillows.