An Air Purifier That Floats and Glows in the Dark

Jan Ankiersztajn Electrolux Design Lab Jan Ankiersztajn won the Electrolux Design Lab competition with the Aeroball, a floating air purifier. Image: Electrolux

The Aeroball wins prestigious world gadget design competition.

If you haven’t been following the Annual Electrolux Design Lab competition, you’ve really been missing something.

Each year, Electrolux invites industrial design students from around the world to dream up inspiring concepts that address what future appliances and helpmate gizmos could be like. The ideas are pretty darn cool:

1st prize: The Aeroball took top honors last week at the 10th Annual Electrolux Design Lab competition. The Aeroball, dreamt up by Jan Ankiersztajn, is a hovering sphere-shaped air freshener that cleans, filters, and scents the air quietly. And don’t worry about bumping into one of these flying things during a late-night trip to the bathroom. This winning idea absorbs light during the daytime so it can radiate its presence to you at night. 

2nd prize: The Impress, a refrigerator wall that keeps food chilled and out in the open so you can see what’s in the fridge.

3rd prize: The Tastee, which also took the People’s Choice Award, is a gadget that tells users how to make food taste better — while cooking.

Incredible! But these ideas are just far-fetched concepts today, so we won’t be seeing them on store shelves any time soon, if ever.

But you know, I bet the Roomba seemed far-fetched, too, once upon a time.