Welcome to Our Blog!

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Yep, that title is boring. But we promise it will be the last boring title you’ll see here.

Yep, that title is boring. But we promise it will be the last boring title you’ll see here.

It’s just that we really want to welcome you to our blog because it’s not so much about us—as it is about everyone who wants to make smart decisions about their homes.

There are tons of blogs showcasing decor ideas, how-to DIY, and green tips, but we’re taking a different tack: We want to help you figure out the smartest things you can do to improve, maintain, and enjoy your home. We’re not about which shade of mushroom paint is trendy right now. Rather, we’ll help you understand what type of paint saves you money and keeps maintenance to a minimum.

And we’re hoping you’ll join in the conversation, too. Send us your topic ideas; tell us what you like and don’t like; share your smart tips.

Who are we? We’ve been writing and researching home topics for various publishers from Better Homes & Gardens to HGTV for years.  We’ve remodeled, built from the ground up, bought and sold homes, written books on home improvement, and just plain loved our homes.

Plus, as a team, we represent different points in the home ownership lifecycle: From “young and ready to buy her first home” to “parents with kids looking for a larger home” to “seasoned veterans,” who are downsizing to smaller homes.

But we all have this in common: We want to make smart, informed decisions about our homes—and we insist that those decisions be financially sound.

Tomorrow, for instance, we’ll be writing about a product that freshens your serviceable but drab countertops in a weekend for a lot less than buying new. 

We’re also taking a deep dive into the confusing—and often misleading—“green” messaging. Natural or organic—what’s the difference? Which green products, practices, and certifications make sense?  On Monday, we’ll talk about the growing trend of green-certified homes and whether it makes financial sense to seek a certification.

But today, we’re starting off with a squabble—literally. Please, join in the fray. And let us know what some of your home problems are. We’d love to help.

And, do call us out if we ever publish another boring title.