Read This Before Landscaping This Spring; Your Pets Will Thank You

Dogs running next to weeds in a back yard Fertilizers and herbicides can be poisonous to your pets. Image: Joe Futrelle/Flickr

When you get rid of weeds this spring, make sure you don’t get rid of Rover as well. Here are tips on keeping pets safe while you’re cleaning up your yard.

When you spruce up your yard for spring, remember that landscaping aids that make your plants healthy can make your pets real sick.

In a post, veterinarian Jennifer Bolser says the following landscaping staples can harm your pets:

  • Cocoa mulch: Contains theobromine, the chemical in chocolate that poisons dogs.
  • Fertilizers and herbicides: Can irritate pet skin, pads, tongues, and gums.
  • Compost: Ingesting coffee grinds and onions in compost piles can make pets ill.
  • Metal lawn edging: Can cut pets who walk on it.

To keep your plants and pets healthy, store chemicals in pet-proof containers, enclose compost piles in bins and drums, and choose plastic or rubber edging.

What do you do to keep your pets safe?