Time’s Running Out To Plant Seeds Indoors — Tick, Tick, Tick

If you want to save money on your spring garden, start seeds indoors now. But get a move on it, because planting season is right around the corner.

If you want to save money in the garden this spring by starting seeds indoors, you’ve got about 12 minutes left to get this DIY project going.

You’ll want to plant seedlings a couple of weeks after the last frost. Your local extension agent can tell you when that last cold snap should be; considering our unseasonably warm winter, it could have been last week.

Seed packs tell you how many days seeds need to germinate. Some even suggest starting the seeds indoors: Cosmos, for instance, should be started eight weeks before transplanting outside.

Check out this Mother Nature Network article for tips on starting your spring garden inside.

What’s your favorite seed to germinate indoors?