What was Your Favorite Activity at Home During the Summer?

Since Memorial Day is about remembering, we’d like to know your fondest memories of summertime at home.

Memorial Day unofficially begins the fun-in-the-sun season where so many memories revolve around home — running through backyard sprinklers, grilling burgers on the patio, watching fireflies light up trees.

My brother and I had a running badminton match from Memorial Day until school began again in September. He was two years older, so he spotted me points just to make the marathon interesting.

When we weren’t batting around a shuttlecock, we’d run through a rotating sprinkler, jumping over the ribbon of spray, shrieking at the sting of water on our ankles when we’d fall short.

Since Memorial Day is all about memories, we’d like to know what you remember about your home in summer. Charging down Slip ‘n Slides? Plucking the first Big Boy from your tomato garden? Splashing in wading pools?

Let’s remember together.