Heavy Rain from Hurricane Irene Has an Upside for Your Landscaping

Lovely fall color in the northeast U.S. Hurricane Irene's heavy rains have given a jump start to the parade of fall colors in yards in New England. Image: Doug Kerr/Flickr

There is an upside to the heavy rains spawned by Hurricane Irene and recent tropical storms: your landscaping’s fall and spring foliage.

This from our Glass Half Full Department: Leaf peepers are predicting a dazzling fall foliage display this autumn, thanks to Hurricane Irene and the non-stop rain that pelted the East Coast in September. That’s good news for your curb appeal.

Although your lawn may still be squishy, heavy rain this early in the fall foliage season is helping your leaves stay put on branches longer and produce colors that are more vivid. Vermont foresters are reporting that the state’s dazzling display already has begun.

Other plusses for the heavy rains:

·      Grass seeds you may have planted as part of your fall lawn care routine are germinating more dependably, which will provide a lush lawn in spring.

·      Your plants are getting huge drinks of water that will help sustain them through winter and reward you with a showy spring.

·      Your picture windows frame brilliant yellows, oranges and reds, bringing color into your home. Throw a few gourds into a wooden bowl, and you have an instant autumn display.

 How have the heavy rains treated your landscaping?