Manure tea in a watering can

How to Make Manure Tea

Give plants a cup of manure tea, and watch them grow!

Manure tea gives plants a drink of water, plus some nutrients for the soil. Image: Lisa Kaplan Gordon for HouseLogic

Even your plants like a spot of tea — manure tea that quenches their thirst and adds yummy nutrients to the soil.

You can make the tea from any kind of vegetable-based manure from cows, horses, and alpacas; but don’t use manure from meat-eaters.

Here’s how make manure tea:

1. Cut a foot-long piece of pantyhose (knot one end), or use an old stocking or knee-high.

2. Fill the stocking with about a cup or two of manure, and knot the end.

3. Fill the watering can with water and let the manure/stocking steep for about 5 minutes or until the water turns brown.

4. Water the base of plants.

Do your plants like a spot of tea? What’s your favorite fertilizing method? Why?