A Home Addition That’s All Sedum and Mirrors

Earth-friendly home addition with sedum and mirrors Outdoor mirrors create an optical illusion that makes this Netherlands yard look bigger. Image: cc-studio architecture & engineering/John Lewis Marshall, photographer

Here’s a home improvement addition that creates more indoor space while making a backyard look twice its size.

Yards in metropolitan areas are a pricey commodity. So the idea of building a home addition that eats up garden space may not seem very appealing — unless you’ve seen this genius home addition by CC-Studio, an architectural firm in Amsterdam.
The Garden Studio, as it’s called, creates additional indoor elbow room while beautifully enhancing the backyard.
Instead of trampling the tulip beds, the structure “doubles” the garden size by using mirrored walls that reflect light and the outdoor scenery. (Although we do wonder how hard it will be to keep those outdoor mirrors clean.)
Another cool thing about it: It’s covered in sedum, a plant species known for being attractive and quite hardy. So instead of hogging the tiny green oasis, the building adds to it, while providing space for a sun deck, office, and storage.
As a bonus, the living walls help provide an agreeable indoor temperature for the studio, along with a steady supply of healthy fresh air.
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