It’s a Short Walk to the Toilet in the Middle of the Night

A boutique hotel with a glass-enclosed shower Home designers are following the lead of some boutique hotels in locating loos right in the bedroom. This hotel doesn't go quite that far — but far enough, in our opinion. Image: Clayton Hauck/Longman & Eagle

Here’s a trend that takes toilets out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. De rigueur or déclassé?

If you think bathrooms are private spaces that should be kept out of sight, you’re behind the times. According to Australia, the latest European renovation craze merges the two most personal rooms in the home — the bathroom and the bedroom — by removing the walls between them.
Abroad, bedrooms that offer a full bathroom view, including an exposed toilet, are called wall-less ensuites. Sure, this isn’t a completely new idea. Boutique and world-class hotels have been blurring the lines between these two spaces for years. However, now this concept is hitting luxury as well as modest homes in cities like Brisbane, Australia.
But according to the article, not everyone wants to freshen up where he or she sleeps. A bedside potty turned off prospective buyers who viewed a Brisbane home with a wall-less ensuite.

Perhaps they thought the concept was unhygienic. Fecal matter can travel, you know. Do you really want that floating around your bedroom?
On the other hand, it’s a space saver. And in Europe at least, space can be tight. While we here at HouseLogic love ideas for small homes, this is a bit much.

The moms among us summed it up well: When you have small children, the bathroom door is often left open. But once they’re older, you want to reclaim your lost privacy as fast as possible — and shut that damn door.

What are your thoughts about this trend? De rigueur or déclassé?