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7 of the World’s Most Mind-Blowing Homes: Artistic or Atrocious?

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Are you dreaming of a home like no other? Maybe one with walls made of foam? How about a pyramid 37 stories above Seattle, or even a spaceship? Every homebuyer wants to find the perfect home, one that fits all of their personal quirks and dreams, and not everyone is hoping for four walls, a foundation, and a picket fence. We’ve identified some of the most unique homes in the world and imagined who the perfect homeowners would be. Which one would you choose to live in?

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Foam House

Aspiring cave-dwellers will love this curvilinear, two-bedroom, three-bath house made of polyurethane. Set in rural Minnesota, its lack of right angles is perfect for fans of 1970s chic. Exact square footage: too hard to calculate.



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  • This charming, two-story home in Szymbark, Poland, is perfect for sailors, ship captains, and other people with strong stomachs and a solid set of sea legs. Direct entrance to the second floor and ceiling-mounted furniture and appliances offer limitless floor space.


    Credit: Ken Gordon, Scotland

  • Although construction proceeded at a snail’s pace (it took 10 years to build), this colorful five-story house in Sofia, Bulgaria, was finally completed in 2009 by its contractor/owner. It’s built with lightweight concrete on a wire frame, and we’ll assume it complies with all regulations — a reminder to always check your local building codes before beginning any project of your own.


    Credit: Robert Holbach

  • Great for environmentalists, Smurf fans, and fungi-lovers, this one-bedroom bungalow in Ohio has eye-catching additions composed of wood, colored glass, seashells, and other organic materials. Make an earth-friendly statement in this eye-catching piece of real estate.


    Credit: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic

  • Easily located anywhere with an accessible road, these pint-sized abodes provide all the comforts of a home with no geographic restrictions or foundation. Perfect for traveling salespeople, oft-visiting mothers-in-law, and nature lovers.


    Credit: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

  • This landmark, pyramid-shaped property in Seattle caters to high-flying tightrope walkers, fearless window washers, and lighthouse operators. Get an unrivaled view of the city, the privacy and security of 462 vertical feet, and the feeling of being a pharaoh.



  • Aspiring cave-dwellers will love this curvilinear, two-bedroom, three-bath house made of polyurethane. Set in rural Minnesota, its lack of right angles is perfect for fans of 1970s chic. Exact square footage: too hard to calculate.



  • For those who never felt at home on this planet but still love earthly amenities, this sci-fi home has a fireplace to keep cozy in every “room.” Use its Texas location or move it to your back yard.


    Credit: R. Steven Rainwater via Flickr

  • Did none of these fit your fancy? You can give your existing property eye-catching flair without going so far as to move into a spaceship, just as there are ways to save money on energy without living in a one-room house on a Beijing street. With a little time and elbow grease, any home can become a standout.


    Credit: Comstock Images/Getty Images

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  • Image: Ken Gordon, Scotland
  • Image: Robert Holbach
  • Image: Liz Foreman
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  • Image: steevithak/Flickr
  • Image: Comstock Images/Getty Images
House built upside down Colorful suburban house that looks like a snail The so-called Mushroom House in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio Tiny by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Petra Franklin and her family live atop Smith Tower The Ensculptic foam house in Minneapolis This Texas Futuro home has since fallen into disrepair Traditional suburban split-level house