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7 Fun and Easy Organizing Ideas from Pinterest

Tired of clutter? Weary of messes? Then get Pinning. Did you know some of the smartest low-cost storage and organizing ideas can be found on Pinterest? We’ve sorted through and come up with some of the best. Ready to straighten out your life? Click through our slideshow, then visit our pinboard on Pinterest for these and other project ideas.

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  • Technology has solved a lot, except what to do with all those cables. Here’s a good way to solve your technology — use oversize paper clamps to corral your unplugged cables at the edge of your home office desk. The cables slip through easily but the heads stay right where you can grab ‘em.

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    Credit: drBakker

  • Give your small messes the cold shoulder when you organize your baubles and bling in handy ice cube trays. Perfect for small items, such as jewelry, stamps, and pennies, ice cube trays are cheap ($3-$7), come in a variety of colors, and are stackable. Look for them at yard sales, too.

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    Credit: I Heart Organizing

  • Love those message boards that help you stay on track? Make your own low-cost chalkboard paint and do up a door, cabinet, or wall so you can scribble reminders and grocery gotta-haves. The formula:

    1 cup latex house paint or acrylic craft paint
    1 tablespoon non-sanded tile grout

    Mix until all lumps are gone. Paint!

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    Credit: Amber Gameiro/

  • If you like keeping kitchen utensils handy but don’t like them sprawling all over your countertops, tack used tin cans to an empty wall space for your stirring spoons, whisks, and spatulas. Find colorful cans at second-hand stores and garage sales. Clothes pins make cheap, handy clips for drying rubber gloves and sponges.

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    Credit: Pernilla Anderson

  • Tired of airing your dirty laundry in public? This slick DIY dresser uses cheap ($3) laundry baskets as drawers so you can divide and conquer your socks and jeans, whites and darks. The baskets glide on 1-by-2s or angled metal screwed to the sides of boxes you make yourself. Hint: Tilt the glides down a tad so the baskets won’t slide out.

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    Credit: Ana White/

  • There’s more to storage solutions than putting stuff in cool bins — sometimes you gotta look ahead to see what’s on the horizon. This Post-It Note calendar lets you do exactly that, writing notes to yourself and planning for upcoming events. No need to flip calendar pages — using color-coded Post-Its lets you track each month’s progress.

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    Credit: Ry Pepper

  • You can keep melting slush and drippy rainwater off your entry flooring with a boot tray (or two). These are made from thrift store serving trays ($2 for 2 trays) and filled with tumbled craft store river rocks ($7 for 25 lbs.). Water drips into the trays — not your flooring. Occasionally, rinse off the rocks and trays outside with a garden hose, let dry, and re-install.

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    Credit: Vively Online

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  • Image: drBakker
  • Image: Heart Organizing
  • Image: Amber Gameiro/
  • Image: Pernilla Anderson
  • Image: Ana White/
  • Image: Ry Pepper
  • Image: Vively Online
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