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Garage Door Makeovers

Jazzing up your tired, boring garage door boosts curb appeal and returns up to 75% of your investment.

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Before: Faux Wood

This plain-Jane set of single metal doors is in pretty good shape (and at least they’re not stark white!), so why replace them?


Image: Rags 2 Rich’s Faux Finishes

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  • This plain-Jane set of single metal doors is in pretty good shape (and at least they’re not stark white!), so why replace them?


    Image: Rags 2 Rich’s Faux Finishes

  • Actually, no need to replace. A professional faux painter can make your garage doors look like elegant wood at a fraction of the cost of real wood replacement doors. This set of doors was “grained” with several layers of different-colored stains, then given a final protective clear coat of marine varnish. The process takes several days (24 hours between stain layers) and costs about $550 per door.

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    Image: Rags 2 Rich’s Faux Finishes

  • After living with dated plastic window inserts for too long, these homeowners decided to change to something more in keeping with the style of their home.


    Image: Tracy A. Flaming of SuperPragmatic blog

  • The remedy? Pry out the old inserts and back the windows with plain black contact paper. Total time: six minutes! The result is a clean, contemporary look that saves thousands over the cost of a new replacement garage door.


    Image: Tracy A. Flaming of SuperPragmatic blog

  • Front-facing double garage doors present a large, blank surface. Wouldn’t it be nice to add some windows without having to replace the entire door?


    Image: Coach House Accents

  • Voila! A quick and stylish DIY upgrade, these windows are actually fake — there’s no glass. They’re made of high-impact plastic resin and screw directly onto your existing garage door, giving your front facade a whole new look for $300-$500, depending on the size and finish you choose.


    Image: Coach House Accents

  • After this homeowner backed her car into this garage door, a makeover was definitely in order.


    Image: Dixie Delights

  • A new insulated aluminum door ($1,500) decked out with faux carriage door hardware and topped with a pair of gooseneck barn lights makes this garage a charmer. The homeowners painted the door the same color as the rest of the garage to help it blend in.


    Image: Dixie Delights

  • This beautiful house is begging for a little lift — those plain white garage doors are sucking the life out of this home’s curb appeal.


    Image: Clopay Building Products

  • The homeowners wisely switched out their old flush-panel steel doors for semi-custom wood doors with glass windows. These historically correct doors look like they swing out but actually lift like most modern doors — with an overhead electric opener. The hinges and handles are purely decorative. You’ll pay $2,500-$6,000 for semi-custom garage doors, installed.


    Image: Clopay Building Products

  • Street-facing garage doors have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. When updating your garage doors, make sure they enhance — rather than detract — from the style of your house. This whimsical set of doors may be expressive and artistic, but they’re right in keeping with the style of this mid-century modern house.


    Image: Neal’s Overhead Door, Inc.

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  • Before: Historic Doors
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