What MacGyver did:
Made a makeshift motor out of a battery pack, some rubber bands, and an electric whisk. Attached the “motor” to a food trolley (making it move on its own) to confuse a motion sensor.

What you can do:

  • Remove a stripped screw. Lay a flat rubber band over the head of the screw, which will give the screwdriver a tighter fit.
  • Pry open a stuck jar lid. Wrap a thick rubber band around the lid and twist it off.
  • Secure wooden slats on a bed. Wrap a rubber band around each end to keep them from coming loose.
  • Wipe excess paint off your paintbrush. Wrap rubber bands around a paint can across the opening. Wipe your brush against the rubber bands instead of the side of the can. Paint falls back inside, leaving the grooves around the can clean, saving you paint and the hassle of a stuck lid.
  • Get more use out of an old broom. Tie rubber bands around the bristles to tighten them.