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99-Cent Store Solution #4: Loose Cabinet Hinge

Yesterday we showed you how to handily repair drywall for $10 in case Charlie Sheen drops by your place. But back to reality.

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Fixing a cabinet hinge with a screwdriver

A loose cabinet door can be fixed with just $3 and a trip to the dollar store. Image: JOHNGOMEZPIX/iStockphoto

If one of your kitchen cabinets is hanging on for dear life thanks to all the opening, closing, and slamming it endures (you probably have teenagers or a husband), you can fix that loose hinge in a very MacGyver kind of way.


  • Wooden matches, 99 cents
  • Wood glue, 99 cents
  • Hammer, 99 cents

Total: $2.97

What you do:

  • Remove the cabinet hinge screw.
  • Dab wood glue on a match and stick it into the screw holes.
  • Tap it in with the hammer.
  • Break off the match part that’s sticking out.
  • Let the glue dry for about 4 hours.
  • Twist the screw back into place. The match piece will create a new solid base for the screw. Poof.

Tomorrow’s 99-cent store solution: Fixing a stripped screw.

What other inexpensive home fixes have you found or tried?

harmonleon Harmon Leon

is a journalist, comedian, and filmmaker. His other stories have appeared in Esquire, Stuff, Salon, NPR’s, This American Life, Details, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and Wired.

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