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What NOT to Get the Chef on Your Christmas List

You have a friend or a significant other that loves to cook, so it’s easy to get them a gift, right?

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I’m just going to come right out with it: Do NOT buy any kitchen gadgets for your foodie friends. None. Nada. Got that?

It’s tempting, I know. When you browse the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog, gift ideas practically leap out at you. Who wouldn’t love a panini press? Complete with its own panini brush for cleaning?

But resist. If you need a little help saying “no thanks,” Drew Magary’s Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog will keep you on the straight and narrow. It’s a snarky and funny read (as are many of the comments; some I can’t repeat here).

But Drew’s take on the catalog is a bit different than mine.

He finds the catalog absurd mostly because of price and some hyperbolic sales copy. For me, it’s not about the price. And I rather enjoy reading the copy.

And, I confess, I do love looking at the gadgets.

But for me, it’s all about kitchen space and functionality.

When I adopted a minimalist philosophy in my kitchen, I vowed that my kitchen gadgets would have multiple purposes. No one-trick ponies that just take up space. I don’t need a spice grinder when a grater will do.

So when it comes to sorting out holiday gift ideas, help me and all the other cooks out there who don’t want kitchen clutter interfering with the act of cooking. Resist buying a kitchen gadget we haven’t asked for.

Unless, of course, the cook in your life has one of those huge kitchens with a walk-in pantry and enough counter space to open a restaurant.

Then I take it all back. Go ahead and get them that panini press. And don’t forget the brush!

What don’t you want for Christmas?

lara_edge Lara Edge

has bought four homes, sold three, and downsized into an urban home less than half the square footage of her old one. She has 20 years of editing experience, most recently at HGTV, which inspired her to do some DIY, and to know when it pays to hire a pro. Follow Lara on Google+.

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