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A Little Eye Candy to Inspire Your Deck Makeover

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Looking for some ideas to jazz up your deck so you and your family can max out summertime fun? With Memorial Day just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to dress up your outdoor living area, or to start planning a brand-new deck.

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Deck with built-in slide

The space underneath your deck can make a perfect playspace for kids. Image: Judy White/

For inspiration, cruise through our newest slideshow for some innovative ways to add a dash of panache to your existing or brand-new deck. From clever shade-generating solutions to a beneath-the-deck structure that’s part playhouse for the kids, these decks will have everyone loving the outdoors. Simply put: A deck is a terrific—and cost-effective—way to expand your living area.

When I added a pergola to mine, it made a big difference to my home’s appearance and my family’s enjoyment. Ever since, we definitely linger longer outside, whether it’s whipping up some barbecue and entertaining friends, or quietly watching the sun slide into the horizon. But I’ll confess—some of these are giving me deck-envy. So let’s consider my deck a very enjoyable work in progress.

What’s your dream deck? Or do you have one already? Visit our Facebook page and show off your deck in our Foto Friday feature.

John_Riha John Riha

has written seven books on home improvement and hundreds of articles on home-related topics. He’s been a residential builder, the editorial director of the Black & Decker Home Improvement Library, and the executive editor of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Follow John on Google+.

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