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Adventures in Soil Testing: Do DIY Kits Match Pro Results?

Lisa's garden area where she tested the soil

Which test kits work better — DIY or professional? We compared them with soil samples from this garden. Image: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Testing your soil should be a first step in any landscaping plan. Yet, few of us take the time to know our soil up close and personal. Here’s how to remedy that. Read More

Would You Garden in a Bag?

Gardening in a soil bag

It's the ultimate in no-fuss gardening — just cut a hole in the bag of topsoil and plant right there! Image:

Now we’ve heard everything: Plant your garden in bags of topsoil! Might be a better idea than it sounds. Here’s why. Read More

5 Great Gardening Apps

Screenshots from gardening apps for iPhone and Android

Gardening may be as old as dirt, but technology can still help you tend the perfect patch of plants. Images: Ogden Publications, Inc., Stevenson Software, LLC, MEDL MOBILE, Portable Databases, All Dreams Digital

These apps take the guesswork out of gardening. All you have to do is dig. Read More

Need to Modify Your Home for Medical Reasons? 2012 is the Year to Do It

With tax deduction limits coming for 2013, medically related home upgrades are a smart project this year. Read More

Should You Tornado-Proof Your House?

Man installing interlocking metal shingles

Interlocking steel shingles are one way to reinforce your roof against tornado damage. Image:

Here are six ways to tornado-proof your home. Warning: These aren’t cheap — nor foolproof — methods. Read More

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