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You care about your home. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® cares about homeownership. To help you become the best, most responsible homeowner you aspire to be, we want to provide you with free information and tools you can use to make smart and timely decisions about your home.

From time to time, we may reach out to you to help us support legislation and/or policies that may have an impact on you, the homeowner. You can choose to join our cause. Or you can choose not to. Regardless, your privacy is safe with us.

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Let’s Make Every Day ‘Give Your Stuff Away Day’

TV, computer monitor and other items available to new homes

On May 12, everyone is invited to give away unwanted stuff by putting it out on the curb. Image: Eric Bartholomew/Flickr

We have five ways to help your junk — er, nice stuff — find a new home. Read More

Don’t Panic Over Study that Found Lead in Garden Hoses

Garden hose outside a house

Lead and other toxic chemicals are often found in vinyl hoses, but it's nothing to worry about, expert say. Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic

Ingesting even little bits of lead is hazardous to your health. So, a new study that found lead in hose water sent our pulses racing. Here’s what we learned. Read More

Swingin’ Ways to Reuse an Iron Gate or Fence

An iron fence reused as a valance

Here's a new use for an old iron gate: A valance to hang over a window. Image: Susan at

Take a look at these great ways to reuse old iron fencing. Read More

2,200 Exmark Riding Mowers Recalled

The recalled Exmark riding mower

Exmark riding mowers are being recalled because faulty bearings can cause crashes. Image: CPSC

More than 2,000 Exmark Quest riding lawn mowers have been recalled because faulty bearings can cause crashes. Read More

6 Green Terms: Which Ones Can You Trust?

Box of cleaning product with the term natural

"Natural" appears on many labels, but it doesn't necessarily mean the product is green. Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic

Does “natural” mean organic? Should you buy anything labeled “non-toxic”? Here are the truth and eco-facts about many of the green terms you find on product labels. Read More

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