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Sue Mellen

is president of and co-founder of In her 30-year career she has written about every subject on the planet, including real estate.


The Fight Against Transfer Taxes

Real estate transfer taxes may appeal to state lawmakers struggling with tight budgets, but residents in several states don’t want their home sales taxed. Who’s right? Read More

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Private Transfer Fees Affect Home Pricing and Marketability

In some states developers are adding their own private transfer fees to the homes they sell. Outlawed in several states private transfer fees can influence home pricing and marketability. Read More

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Need to Get Rid of Rats? It’s a Community Effort

Disease-carrying rats and other rodents multiply to become infestations faster than you can say “plague.” Here’s how to prevent their spread in your community. Read More

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How to Get Rid of Birds in Your Yard

South-bound flocks got you starring in a real-life version of “The Birds”? Learn how to get rid of birds with these three methods and protect your roof, lawn, and driveway. Read More

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Noisy Neighbors: How to Turn Down the Volume

Turn down the volume on noisy neighbors by politely ratcheting up the pressure on them to quiet down. Read More

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Got Problem Neighbors? Mediation Might Work

If talking with problem neighbors doesn’t resolve your issues, mediation might. If mediation works, you’ll work out a compromise with your problem neighbor and save money by not taking your fight to court. Read More

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5 Ways You Can Help Resolve the Foreclosure Crisis

The foreclosure crisis may seem big, but here are some small steps you can take to help resolve it. Read More

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Wildlife Pest Control for Your Community

Uncontrolled wildlife can wreak havoc in your community. Here’s what you can do to improve local pest control. Read More

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Help Control Deer in Your Community

You can help spur community-wide efforts to control deer, those adorable but damaging pests that ravage crops and threaten highway safety. Read More

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Community Bird Control Makes Flocks Go Away

Large bird populations damage property and threaten health. Here’s what you can do to initiate a bird-control program in your community. Read More

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